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My mum and dad have saved me by ordering me a proper Ace hat off ebay, I'll just have a bit of stuff to add to it.
ACTUALLY cannot wait to do this :D


timmyhere posted on 16 May, 2011 - 18:11
YO! So cool to see your progress on the outfit!!! ^_^ Just wanted to ask you if you need Red beads for the Necklace?! I've bout a bit too many for mine and now i don't know what to do with them =___= They are 30 mm diameter wooden beads 18 of them (more than enough for the length), look perfectly same as Ace's :D I'll be posting a photo of mine soon so... Tell me if you need it ^___^ Tonikaku, Ganbette ne!!!!!

BakaBakaRangers posted on 16 May, 2011 - 19:16
Naaaah, s'all okay, I got a beaded red necklace from claire's accessories XD I just need to cut them down XD

timmyhere posted on 1 June, 2011 - 09:37
d(^⏝^)b Amazing photos! So colourfull! so sad that i couldn't make it on time for the meeting! ¬___¬

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Progress Journal

6th August 2011

Dress Shirt

Gonna get a new dress shirt specific for this cosplay. So then, I can take up the sleeves and and actually show part of the tattoo and the elbow pad in stead of just grabbing a dress shirt and hoping for the best XD

12th June 2011


I just realised, all day at expo, my bracelet was on the wrong side DXX a vey small point but COME ON!

25th May 2011


Pretty much complete, just gotta add the tassle to the hat the day before (or tonight if my mother doesn't run me around doing shit XD), but I've added the cover to the belt, it looks great, though it broke my frikken sewing machine .__. gotta replace the needle because of that thick ass belt...it snapped...but that's not the point XD
The whole thing looks a bit scruffy, but my mum hasn't been able to help with anything this time because of her mood swings
MIGHT learn open chest binding, MIGHT get a skin coloured shirt or MIGHT just do one or two of the buttons up to hide my bindng. It depends what I can do in three days.

18th May 2011


Put the Hat a complete, though I have to add the tassle at the end for me not to be OCD about it XD
Will post pictures soon :D

16th May 2011

Log Pose

After three horrible attempts, I have carefully decided to probably focus on the rest of the outfit before I make the Log Pose ^^' So, for expo, I probably won't have one XD

14th May 2011


Only 2 weeks...well, I'm boned :D
've been having a few issues with this lately, like college .__. I'm doing my Final Project, so I got lots of stuff to do. S'why I BOUGHT the hat and hopefully, this weekend, I'll be painting extra things and getting it all ready.
I might have to do half arsed binding that day because of the lack of time I'll have to get used to open chest binding. Though I'm gonna try...if it gets painful, I'll have packed a white bra just in case so that I can carefuly remove it, especially if my breathing gets bad (I have problems :/)

7th May 2011


Dad has FINALLY bought the hat for me (though he's docking it off my pocket money XD). It's quite a crap one, but, after expo, I'll probably sort it out. I'll be making the black hat just in case, but that'll be the week before if it isn't here.
Also gotta buy a lot of stuff, but this weekend I'll be doing the small stuff, like the braclet and possibly going into claires to buy another necklace ^^