Kozi (LOKI N' ROLL Zy Version) - Solo artist


AmeCon 2007




Wanted to do this cosplay simply because I loved the costume!
It was actualy pretty fiddly to make--I had to sew all of the red diamonds on separately, which meant careful measuring and re-measuring (then pinning and repinning) to make sure there were no overlapping parts before I sewed them all on. The hat was also a bit fiddly.
Making the basic dress (before the diamonds) was pretty easy and the felted dreadlocks were simple (just time-consuming!)

My only real disappointment with this cosplay was that I couldn't get better shoes for it, otherwise I consider it one of my best. I felt it was well-received at AmeCon (though some people said it reminded them of a certain hentai character?! Haha)


Anonymous posted on 5 August, 2008 - 14:55
In this costume... you... REMIND ME OF THE BABE

1000014 posted on 5 August, 2008 - 15:33
The babe with power