Kozi (Verte Aile) - Malice Mizer


AmeCon 2008




Every year I cosplay, I do at least one Kozi cosplay. Not wanting to break tradition, I wanted to choose something cheaper to make considering how much my other cosplay cost! Also people have been telling me to do this cosplay for ages!
This is one of Kozi's simpler costumes; I took some liberties with it (e.g. I made it out of cotton rather than acetate satin because acetate satin is more expensive and less comfortable--and it's only when you watch a high quality version of Verte Aile that you can see it's made of shiny fabric!)

A problem I ran into with this costume was the boots--simply because I can't get bronzey-coloured platforms with a curly horned toe (nor can I make them). So I'm just using plain black platforms instead. I made the pompoms with fake fur since I couldn't find large ones of the right size (and it worked out cheaper than buying wool and making them that way).

Most of this costume was pretty damn easy to make--baggy trousers and a baggy tunic top with ruched sleeves. The ruff and the pompoms on the tunic top took most time because I had to hand-sew most of them!


Anonymous posted on 16 August, 2008 - 22:47
The pom pom idea is genius! I would never have realised, nor as to the costume fabric!! :D Amazinggg! Also I enjoyed throwing up some gang signs wit yo AITE

Lunar_Kitten posted on 11 October, 2009 - 22:01
I have always loved pierrot style outfits so of course I loved this costume. Glad you like the photo =^_^=