Videl (Long Hair) - Dragonball Z





- When I wore my Ballgown Rinoa wig I held it in bunches and felt it would be perfect for Videl :D I think it's a very easy cosplay to do and hopefully I can do this for a cosplay picnic on the 14th May :D

I wanna go coz it's two days before my birthday and I think it would be a nice to meet up with some friends for it and this means there's a double excuse for them to visit london =D mwahahaah

So I might be Videl or someone else who's easy and summery ^_^

I love her and Gohan :B I wanna do her saiya-girl cosplay one day XD but only if I had a saiya-man

- In progress as I'm going to start working on her for the picnic.

- Not going to the picnic now so going to planned

- Moving into progress as I want to get all the costumes I have things for complete.


cowiee posted on 25 April, 2011 - 15:45
Videl! Yess! Can't wait to see this!!

Pandora-Chi posted on 25 April, 2011 - 19:37
I was just watching some DBZ episodes and funny enough it was the arc when Videl first comes into the series -^^- I love Videl! Her and Gohan are soo cute together <3 I can't wait to see you pull her off x

BabemRoze posted on 25 April, 2011 - 19:43
DBZ was the first anime I loved :D Didn't know it was an anime back then though XD :D I'm really excited about this one! <3

Pandora-Chi posted on 25 April, 2011 - 20:13
DBZ was one of my most favourite animes from my childhood too ^^ I was considering to cosplay someone from this series like Android 18 or something - Gotta love the feisty woman in this series lol I'm so excited to see this cosplay! <3

BabemRoze posted on 25 April, 2011 - 20:31
I looooooooove android 18! :D She's so on my list too XD :D GAH I gotta rewatch this now! Old love is returning! <3 (PSSST Trunks is mine ;D and dont you forget it)

Pandora-Chi posted on 26 April, 2011 - 14:35
Oh my god you have to watch the series again - since I don't remember a lot of it, I'm getting really back into it and can't stop watching lol and noooooo, damn you for claiming hot Trunks! >.< Gohan it is... no wait, not a good move to say in front of Videl - I'm out LOL

Nomes posted on 30 April, 2011 - 15:40
Oh yay! Dragonball will always have special place in my heart. I grew up on the spanish dubbed uncensored version. It's was awesome. I can't wait to see this.

FusionRose posted on 1 May, 2011 - 20:33
Wooo Videl, you is gonna look awesome sauce in this! =D x.

SarahSaiyan posted on 4 May, 2011 - 21:12
yayy Videl :D awesome!! DBZ loveeee

Omega Red posted on 20 June, 2011 - 21:21
VIDEL WOW!!!! wohoooooo

Numta posted on 24 September, 2011 - 12:27
Is it time for me to take my Yamcha cosplay out of moth balls? xD

BabemRoze posted on 24 September, 2011 - 12:34

Numta posted on 24 September, 2011 - 13:39
haha time to get a new wig then! xD

Nomes posted on 6 December, 2011 - 22:41
Hiya. Just a heads up that there's going to be a Dragonball group at Kitacon.!/groups/236719036384541/

BabemRoze posted on 6 December, 2011 - 23:22
Awesome! :D What day is it on though coz I'm booked up atm D: eep

Nomes posted on 7 December, 2011 - 00:35
I think it's Sunday but I'm not sure. And as for being booked up, tell me about it! I seem to be in 4 groups with only 3 days to pull them off (and that doesn't include the parties). It's going to be interesting.

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