Tsukimi - Kuragehime


FushiCon 2011


I absolutely adore this dress on Tsukimi ;_; plus its so pretty i'll wear that dress so many places omg! ;_;

tteugeo posted on 25 April, 2011 - 01:51

Jyagaimo posted on 25 April, 2011 - 02:07
\o/ thank youuu, you shall be the best Kuranosuke hurr

tteugeo posted on 9 July, 2011 - 23:47
You are such a cute Tsukimi ;A;

CrystalNeko posted on 24 April, 2012 - 09:38
HNNNNG omg omg omg, I didn't know people from the UK had actually cosplayed from this! You just look so cute, I'd love to see this for real! And in response to Tokiya comment - thank you so much for the picture! Means a lot ;A;

Om_nom_nom posted on 5 December, 2012 - 19:55
ohmygod all of my yes dnkfjhgfdhgbnv <3<3

1st June 2012

Ok so I really want to be Amars Tsukimi

No idea whether or not to be the grey track suit version or the little skirted outfit she does? Either way I want to be Tsukimi again~ And maybe have people recognise me, also it helps that I don't look so huge anymore! Hurrah! Also I can't pose for squat, fml fml!

22nd June 2011


Man I used a scrap of material to show where the white part of Tsukimi&#039;s will be but its at least taught me I need a better material, idk some sort of stronger white cotton whenever I get the chance to grab some in dublin. I&#039;ve been lucky, i&#039;ve found some pink thread thats a good enough colour to sew it with at least :&gt; I&#039;m gonna see can I get away with hand sewing this and the ribbons on otherwise it&#039;ll take effort to find someone nearby with a sewing machine I can hijack for my nefearious ends. My own hair might actually be ok for this it is starting to get long so I might just volumise the bejaysus out of it and see how it rolls. I don&#039;t think the fef wig shall double up ;-;

29th April 2011

Dress won!

The dress is won and paid for ffff yay! Next thing is to wait for it to arrive and then get sewing :>

I'm going to have to look up tutorials on how to sew puffy sleeves! I wonder is it a good idea to try this myself, or just bring it to an alteration shop, because the collar needs to be made more into a rectangle!

The ribbons have been found on ebay, hurray for Tsukimi being in French colours!

24th April 2011


I just bid on a dress that looks just right for this ;_; I hope I win ><;