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Will wear for sunday 30th october 2011 at MCM london expo

plan to wear at Midlands expo 2013


Perry posted on 13 August, 2011 - 14:05
Oh! This sounds pretty cool! I only just read the first book the other day. This will look really good, I'm sure!

Noa posted on 20 October, 2011 - 21:44
Looking really awesome! cant wait for final pics!

xJesikira posted on 23 October, 2011 - 22:39
The coat looks great :D Can't wait to see it finished <3

lilkimmi27 posted on 24 January, 2012 - 22:36
LOVE IT you did an amazing job on the coat

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Progress Journal

26th October 2011

final update

all the sewing on the sleeves is completed. the front pendant is sewn on. the hood detail is done, the charm is baked, sprayed silver and has a bell currently glueing in the middle. Will attach it to the hood when I get to expo.

now to try and fit it all in my bag

25th October 2011

morning update

hood is attached, however is too heavy. Will have to attach it to my wig with hatpins (fortunatley I have 3 of these spare). Started sewing the designs on the sleeves this morning. One side done, will finish the other tonight. Then make the charm.

Tried to make it out of wire. Didn't work. Will try FIMO tonight, mould it, bake it, add the bell, and superglue side in. Will remember to add a hanging loop before I bake it, else I won't be able to attach it to anything.

23rd October 2011

a full day of work

a good 12 hours anyways. to get the jacket to a decent state. I have all the diamonds and triangles added. I need to hand sew the design to the sleeves as its not suitable for machine sewing unless I want to sew one side of the sleeve to the other. Will possibly glue into place first, and then hand sew, just to make sure its secure.

as you can see by the first picture, I have started the hood. Albeit its just pinned together atm, I will make the full hood, pin it, make sure it looks ok, then sew it together, wadd it completely, and then attach to the coat. Have heard from another March cosplayer on dA that when they wired the hood, it kinda collapsed in on itself, so probably won't be wiring it, unless I use that galvanised stuff - but then it could make it too heavy. So I might just stick with the wadding, OR I could do like I did with Orochimaru's butt bow and put a singular piece of wire down the middle and wadding round it. We'll see, what the next few days brings.

19th October 2011

a week to go

decided to try and get it completed for expo. The leggings arrived in the post yesterday. I bought knee length socks from the market, and found a coat with a white fur lined hood so I can use it as a base for the hood for March's jacket. I just need to detach one from one coat and attach it to the other coat, and cover it and make the liripipe hood (plan to wire it up and stuff it with wadding)

Still need to make the charm on the end.

Still need to finish the design on the jacket. The diamonds on the back are currently pinned on, I think I may make the diamonds a little bit smaller before sewing them on. The bottom triangles are ok in size. Then I need to do the sleeve design and the top back of the coat design.

So still alot to do, but if I don't get it done in the next few days, then I'll have a full day of sewing on Sunday to finish it off.

7th October 2011


jacket is started. as I still cannot make sleeves, I purchased a cheap white jacket from a charity shop and will be using that as a base.

Have started with the bottom triangles and diamonds, these are cut, hemmed and pinned to the jacket.

Found a fur hood to also use as a base. I will probably build the liripipe up around this hood, and wire up to the tip to make it hold its shape.

For March's case, I've found a heavy duty cardboard box which I'm going to turn into a vintage style suitcase with carry straps.

plan to:
slice the cardboard box in half down 3 sides, spray paint the outer black and whilst still wet, attach black cotton material to it, hopefully when dry will hold it in place and make it sturdier. Will make small holes in back to feed straps through to hold it on back. Will make imitation fasteners out of more cardboard and sticky velcro.

3rd September 2011


will start properly making this outfit after Alcon, I will have one month to complete this before expo.