Pippin - Lord of The Rings

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This is for a large LotR group at Ayacon 2011. Fear me and my magical eating ways!! XD XD

Pippin has always been my favourite character in LotR and I was so thrilled when my friends asked me to cosplay Pippin with them, ^_^ He will be a challenge but I can do it!!

I seriously dread to think how much I will actually eat when in this costume... XD

We've decided not to do the capes, due to the time of year we are doing the costumes... and that the rest of the Fellowship have a lot more layers to their costumes and we don't want them to melt entirely, XD


Toshi-chan posted on 9 August, 2011 - 13:25
Omg so much awesome!! :) what day are you wearing it at Ayacon....might bring Faramir ^.^

electricdino posted on 9 August, 2011 - 14:17
Toshi-chan - All day Saturday. We've got a large group and some of us are gonna be in the masquerade aswell, ^_^

Toshi-chan posted on 9 August, 2011 - 23:20
Noooooo it's the same day as Okami group :'( oh well...I will still be very happy over Lord of the Rings group if I see you.

Bambi. posted on 10 August, 2011 - 12:28
OMG that jacket! <3

vallon posted on 11 August, 2011 - 23:26
please do pippin at expo

eternal_aranel posted on 29 August, 2011 - 20:48
So much love for this group <3 Such a good Pippin!

Progress Journal

Cuffs Sewn (Posted 16th August 2011)

The cuffs of the jacket are now done. Was a bit fiddly as I had to make them more fitted than the rest of the arms, meaning... the arms of the jacket had to have some pleats added before sewing the cuffs on. Then I had to cover the cuffs in the green fabric... but they are now done!! 8D Almost finished with this jacket now!!

Next stage... Pockets.

Back Sewn (Posted 13th August 2011)

Both the back pieces have now been cut and sewn onto the base jacket. So, that's pretty much the base jacket completed now.

Next stage... Cuffs.

Front Sewn (Posted 11th August 2011)

The front sections are now covered in the green fabric. I really am getting sick of sewing green coats now, XD

Next stage... the back.

Collar Covered (Posted 11th August 2011)

The collar is now covered... and I've been reminded how much I hate doing the collars, the fabric never goes right. >_< Oh well. It's done now.

Next stage... Front

Sleeves Sewn (Posted 11th August 2011)

The sleeves are now covered in the jade green fabric. Still have left to do: Collar, Front, Back, Cuffs, Pockets, Buttons... Wish me luck, XD

Next stage... Collar.

Base Jacket Modified (Posted 9th August 2011)

The base jacket has now been modified. The buttons have been cut off. The pocket flaps have been removed and used to make the bottom a right angle instead of a curve. The cuffs have been separated from the sleeves ready to be modified into the accurate canon cuffs. The sleeves need to be covered first though.

So yes, next step... covering the sleeves.

Shirt Modified (Posted 9th August 2011)

Pocket has been removed and the collar has been modified too. It's ready for the embroidery now which will be done once my materials arrive.

Next up is the jacket.

Trousers Complete (Posted 9th August 2011)

The trousers are now complete. They only had to be cropped in the leg and brought in at the waist. Would have done it all yesterday if I hadn't have gotten distracted. Oh well, they are done now.

Next thing I will do is to modify the collar of my shirt.

Feet Complete (Posted 10th July 2011)

Hobbit feet now complete!! For Pippin at least. I am so not happy with them if I am being honest but it's more cus of my lack of skill and things. Hopefully a few years down the line I'll remake the hobbit feet but with proper latex. That's my hope anyway.

I also hope the ones I make for the others (Frodo and Merry) turn out better since those are gifts too. Still... my ones for Pippin are done now so I can start focusing on the other aspects of the costume.

Feet Sewn (Posted 10th July 2011)

Right so that's the feet now sewn together. Took slightly longer as I had to switch the tight fabric I was using to a slightly thicker bit. It's done now though so the next stage is to glue the hair on.

I've not sewn in the padding yet, cus I'm going to see how comfortable etc they are without it first.

Feet Pinned (Posted 10th July 2011)

The feet are now pinned together. I couldn't really think how else to do them with the materials I had available to me (and limited funds), so I pretty much made a sandle. I used plastic pockets to make the clear section for the top of the foot, and cut up some tights for the section between the toes and around the back of the foot. I guess elastic would work too but I wanted it to at least look vaguely skin colour... that and I had already cut the tights before when I was trying out a different method.

Now I just have to sew it all together and then I can start gluing on the hair.

Feet Bases (Posted 9th July 2011)

The padding and bottoms of the feet have now been removed from a pair of old slippers. Those will be used to basically protect my feet from the floor, :P

Next stage with the feet will be to cut the tights to length and then attach the bottoms and padding to the tights.

Trousers and Feet (Posted 30th June 2011)

The trousers I bought for Pippin have arrived. Just need to cut them to length and then dirty them up.

Also all the materials I bought for the feet have now arrived. I am so beyond nervous about making them... but I've got it all planned in my head how I want to do it. *fingers crossed* that it works out well.

Jacket Material (Posted 29th June 2011)

The material I bought to make the jacket with arrived today. It's a lot lighter than I what I thought it would be but it will still work. The colour is a jade green, the photo doesn't give the colour justice.

Just need to wait for the buttons and the jacket base to arrive and then I can start work on it properly.

Also some of the bits I needed for the hobbit feet arrived today too. Just got to wait for the rest of the hair now.