Klan Klan (Mihoshi Academy uniform) - Macross Frontier





Because she's so frickin' adorable :D (and y'know, I'm tiny and all)

Going with the Mihoshi Academy uniform for now (considering time and money), will probably make her SMS uniform and flight suit at some point in the future. I'm only on episode 6/7 right now so I haven't seen her wear the uniform in the anime, only found a figure where she's wearing it, oh wells!

Aiming to do this for Aya 2011 with Shenny as my Mikhail <3
With any luck we might also have Uni as either Ranka/Sheryl, Snap as Brera and Kuma as Ozma (so give them all a poke as well~) :D

EDIT - 02/08/2011:
Booooo D: Shenny can't afford to get Mikhail together so I'll be putting this one on hold for a while~

EDIT: 23/05/2013

Moving this back to "Planned" for now so I can de-clutter my account a bit. Makes sense to only keep the ones I'm actually working on currently in the "In Progress" bit. It'll get finished eventually XD


Snap posted on 28 April, 2011 - 17:41
Bitchin' - Our late to the party Macross F group will be bests.

Sephirayne posted on 10 June, 2011 - 11:29
Looking forward to seeing this. You guys are going to be great

Chibi posted on 11 June, 2011 - 23:48
Thankies! :3 looking forward to it!

Uni posted on 18 June, 2011 - 08:44
K'ya! This is gonna be SUPER CUTE <3

CharmingTenshi posted on 2 August, 2011 - 17:16

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Progress Journal

15th July 2011


The penny loafers arrived and they're perfect, just had to pick up some brown shoe polish and protective spray~

Can anyone hazard a guess at what I'll be doing over the next day or two? :P

12th July 2011

Dress progress

So I cut out most of the dress pieces the other day only to run out of fabric just as I had one piece left to cut! FFFFFFUUUU so I had to order more fabric :< luckily it arrived today though so I made a start on the sewing.

Here's what the dress looks like so far~

It's still rather big around the waist and I haven't even sewn in the back panels yet :/ will add the zip to the back panels before sewing them in and then I'll just take it all in at the end. Then it's just a matter of the collar and the ribbon-y stuffs

12th July 2011



Added the zip and back panels and have taken it in evenly all the way around the waist

Just need to make the collar, decide on what to do with the arm-holes and finally add the ribbon-y bits and diamonds :3

10th July 2011


Shoes got shipped out today, should be here in the next few days~

Here's the bow for the front of the shirt :D

9th July 2011

More stuffs

Made a start on the dress today, been cutting out the pieces. Totally restarting the shirt as well as I found a semi-stretch cotton which will work much better. Made the bow for the front of the shirt though, looks super cute and I wanna wear it all the time :3

Just bought some penny loafers as well since they work well as Japanese school girl shoes, the cheapest ones I could find were red though so I'm gonna have to take some brown shoe polish to them and hope it works :P

Anyways, off to shower and then continue cutting out the dress~

27th June 2011


Finally got my wig :3

I need to cut the bangs to frame my face and I'll need to perfect how to wear it as it comes in quite a few pieces, but otherwise yay~

11th June 2011


Eartips arrived :D
As with all new eartips, I wanna wear them forever!

10th June 2011

Late to the party

Ok so after attempting the shirt in poly cotton I decided that it's not going to look the way I want it to look so I'm gonna try to get some other fabric with a bit of stretch to it

In the meantime I've ordered some medium/heavy weight cotton lycra for the dress and my eartips. I ordered my wig as well, prestyled just to make my life a bit easier, so here's hoping that it arrives as nice as the photo!

24th April 2011

Shirt times

Made a start on the shirt tonight, but it's so hard to make fitted things out of non-stretch fabric that needs to go over the head to wear it D:

Anyways, made a base of white, will try to put some darts in it tomorrow and add the lilac over the top so it's not too see-through. Made the collar tonight though so I feel at least a little accomplished :P

20th April 2011


I broke my bank account today TT^TT
I had to buy a ridiculous amount of fabric for my final uni project so while I was out I went and got some lilac and white for the shirt. Couldn't find the right fabric/colours I wanted for the dress so I'll probably have to order those :< oh wells~

So yeah, got the ball rolling very early for once