Amanda Young

Cosplayer: Leonie Heartilly

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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17th July 2011: Amanda in a music video! My Amanda cosplay (and Billy!) made a cameo in Cosplay Fever's cosplay music video to "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk.

Check it out here:

9th July 2011: Props Billy I already mentioned in a previous journal. The gun is the same one used for my Alice cosplay. I bought the nurses scissors from ebay as she fiddles with a pair in one scene.

9th July 2011: Bikini top alterations- Part 2 The red trim and halter-neck of the top appear to be made of a leather type material when you look closely but sadly I couldn't get a suitable coloured leatherette/pleather in the time I had. I bought some dark red matt lycra material but after I dyed the top this was too bright so instead I used parts of the top I had cut off when raising the hem. The trim was attached to the top using fabric glue and I painted a white bra strap adjuster silver and added it to the halter-neck.

8th July 2011: Combat alterations- Part two The back of the combats had corset style lacing at the top so I had to remove that panel first and then the buckles and eyelets/studs on the pockets. I sewed 4 silver buttons to the pockets and also added belt loops like I did to the front. The back pockets are too small but nothing I can do about that unless I ripped them out and added my own.

7th July 2011: Combat alterations- Part one The buckle on the right thigh pocket was removed and all the eyelets/studs were taken out also. I replaced the silver zips with bronze ones on the front right pockets (top and thigh) and also cut a hole into the top pocket just underneath the zip so I could add the second zip she has there. I removed the zip from the top left side as it isn't meant to be there. I also removed a zip and pocket from the left thigh and using the material from the pocket I was able to make belt loops which were hand-sewn onto the waistband.

7th July 2011: Bikini top alterations- Part one Amanda's bra is (if that's what it is?) is on view at various points of the film and the halter-neck strap is always seen. I bought a white triangle bikini top to get the base shape correct. It had sequin and bead detailing on it so I cut away the top layer of the fabric that these were stitched to. I thought this bikini was padded but unfortunately it wasn't (bought from ebay, was judging by the photo) so to give myself some better support I hand-sewed the bikini to an old strapless bra.

4th July 2011: Shotgun collar key finished Made by Frederica_la_Noir

I just need to get the ball chain for it, she's done a great job ^-^

3rd July 2011: Top alterations I raised the bottom hem and shortened the sleeves using wonderweb then I added the seam detail to the sleeves by pinching the fabric slightly on the inside and hand-sewing along the fold to seal it.

It came out better than I thought it would =)

3rd July 2011: Top dyed Dyed the top using Dylon machine dye in "Ruby Red". I was worried it came out a little dark at first (never happy am I? lol) but after checking the references again I think it's ok.

Photo shows the top in natural light outside and indoor lighting. The shade it looks indoors is more accurate and in the film she's in a dimly-lit warehouse most of the time so this works.

2nd July 2011: Ring Simple, plain, gold band. It's not accurate to Amanda's but it's difficult to get a close-up look at the detail so this should do.

1st July 2011: Shotgun collar key progress I commissioned Frederica_la_Noir to make the key as I am rubbish at sculpting and making anything small and fiddly in general. I love some of the items she has made for her own costumes so was pleased when she agreed to work on this for me =)

Check out her work and contact her here:

28th June 2011: Zips I managed to find the perfect zips for Amanda's combats on a skirt I already owned so I decided to destroy said skirt lol I didn't wear it much anyway... The only issue with them is the backing material (or whatever you call it) is yellow and would show up quite badly against the black combats. So I got a black permanent marker and literally just coloured them in, something my dad found rather odd for me to do whilst watching a film at his XD

The photos show the silver zips that were originally in the combats, one zip removed and the colouring progress.

27th June 2011: Billy I love Jigsaw's puppet Billy and just had to get a good sized doll to carry around with me. This version is a talking plush that is now out of production and sold out pretty much everywhere, I was very lucky to get it =3

It might help people recognise the character as at first glance I will probably look pretty normal (won't have that issue with the reverse bear trap version!).

25th June 2011: 3/4 combats- to be altered I need to change the clasps on the pockets to buttons, remove lace-up detailing from the back, add belt loops and possibly change the silver zips to bronze ones (I need to add an extra zip near the waist anyway).

25th June 2011: Rosary beads Not entirely accurate but I'm guessing hers is a more personalised design (the ones available on the internet are all similar) and I'm not going to make one from scratch. It's only a small detail that probably won't be noticed much anyway.

24th June 2011: Boots complete Straps removed.

24th June 2011: Boot alterations Bought a pair of black knee high boots from ebay, the general design is pretty accurate I just needed to remove the straps and buckle from the tops. This was easily done by picking at the thread with stitch ripper.

24th June 2011: Base top The scooped neck and back of this top is just how I need it I just wish it was a more accurate material and a darker shade, I might try dying it. I need to shorten the sleeves and raise the hem.

22nd June 2011: Watch Was looking on ebay for a suitable watch and found a perfect looking one but it was a Ben Sherman one and cost £30 something. I didn't really want to spend that on a watch... I searched just for Ben Sherman watches and was lucky someone was selling the same style with a start bid of £4. I ended up being the only bidder woo! Might of helped that the seller said the battery was dead but that's not an issue for me as it's just for show.

Before she ties her hair back later on in the film Amanda keeps a plain black hair band on the same wrist as her watch. I already owned one, easy.

19th June 2011: Reference Reference images.

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It's about time!

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Amazingly great job. You could be her double.

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Fantastic! I love all the photos too! You look great!!

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Pleased people like it ^^

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Absolutely spot on! You're her spitting image.

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Love the photos! they look so amazing! xxx

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