Jareth (Masquerade Ball) - Labyrinth





Moved to Planned as not current

Because Jareth is win :P and I love the Labyrinth Movie (childhood movies ftw!)

To accompany the lovely gaming_goddess as Sarah at the Fushi ball ^_^


Sephirayne posted on 17 April, 2011 - 18:06
Ooooo! I can't wait to see. Love Jareth.

InfiniteJester posted on 17 April, 2011 - 19:01
wow amazing :)

Freyarule posted on 24 April, 2011 - 13:46
Yay Jareth! I can't wait to see you in this :D

Alanna_Undomiel posted on 30 August, 2011 - 15:26
Oh man. If I can make it to Fushi I cannot wait to see you and your Sarah both! :D Loved that film since I saw it as a kid XD

Anubis008 posted on 12 November, 2011 - 16:06
I will definitely look out for this - I'm sure it will look amazing!

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