Sarah Sisulart (Flashback/Post-game Dress) - Lost Odyssey





Where to begin...?

About 2 - 3 years ago, I wasn't in a JRPG mood, due to the fact that some of the character designs in their games were a mess of the copy-and-paste looks of androgynous young men and teenage girls with skimpy clothes and I was put off by the fact that their personalities were overshadowed by their looks.

And then when FFXIII came around, although the character designs were very pretty to look at, I thought they were too sterile for my taste, not to mention their personalities lack the spark that the previous ones have. As for Lost Odyssey, I've heard that it was from the same creator as the original Final Fantasy series and so my younger sister played the game just to check it out. And I'm very glad that she and I chose the seriously under-rated JRPG over the recent FF.

I'm not very confident on showing off my cleavage, due to the fact that I've got a very petite chest, but I like Sarah's dress and thought it would be a good challenge for me to make the entire dress with only a limited amount of references available.

Not sure where I'm going to show off the costume, but hopefully it's going to be for Thought Bubble 2011. Also, if anyone, regardless of gender, wants to cosplay Kaim Argonar [in his flashback/post-game clothes] as my husband for the day, I'll be very glad or appreciated to know. Just send me a Private Message or something if you're interested. XD

EDIT: I'm going have to postpone this cosplay for a while, due to real life events, which means I'm unable to cosplay for this year. Sorry. :(


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