Felt Blanchimont - Atelier Iris II: The Azoth Of Destiny




My younger sister bought Atelier Iris 2 for my birthday [somewhere in 2006], though that's only for the collectible edition, which includes a figure and that musical thing. And I haven't even touched the game until some time ago last year where I just got bored and randomly put Atelier Iris 2 into the PS2.

To my astonishment, I fell in love with the second game more than the first due to a much more streamlined gameplay, as well as the cute, charming story and characters who weren't just emo-copies of the Final Fantasy equivalents.

And Felt...I <3 him, thanks to his easy-going, but dorkable personality and also his loyalty to his friends, not to mention his sense of humour. XD

I'm not going to start making the costume (as well as his sword prop, which is going to be a nightmare as I haven't made anything bigger than Franziska's horse whip) until I finished doing the University Degree Show, so I've got plenty of time, until the MCM Manchester Expo kicks in.

Post-MCM Report: Right, I'm going to rip-off this one from one of my dA journal accounts:

Before I go on to the good stuff, here are a few bits that were a bit disastrous:

- The Azure Azoth broke and I had to ask the folks at the Cosplay Desk to help me fixed (and thanks guys). T_T

- The belt bit broke completely and I was depressed. Luckily I managed to fix it with the glue gun and it stayed there for the whole duration of the day. I need to redesign that in the near future next time.

Right, bad stuff out of the way, here are some good stuff:

- At least one person (I think it's the Luka (VOCALOID) cosplayer) had recognised my cosplay as Felt Blanchimont from Atelier Iris 2, which means that there is some love for obscure JRPGs (and no, I'm not talking about Final Fantasy; Tales of Series, etc).

- And at least a few people took photos of me, which is always nice.

- And then in a surprising turn, I met ~Kitsunemisao and a few cosplay friends of mine. We had a nice chat and going to say thanks Kit for willing to take photos of me with my own Digital SLR camera.

- Cosplay masquerade was epic! As soon as the Atelier Iris 2 opening theme played, I knew I want to let the JRPG fans that only know Final Fantasy should know that there are a bunch a JRPGs that need their attention. That, or I just want to show off and couldn't resist to pull a pose or two. XD

Overall, I might want to cosplay as Felt again in the near future, with better adjustment to the belt this time. And also want to wash the white wig and the jacket. It was fun cosplaying as one of my favourite obscure JRPG character.


CharmingTenshi posted on 1 August, 2011 - 13:32
nice weapon making. I can see you worked hard! ^^

Newdles posted on 1 August, 2011 - 13:33
That sword was AMAZING - you looked fab at the expo!

Sho-saka posted on 7 August, 2011 - 14:19
@ CharmingTenshi and Newdles: Thanks. ^_^ Though weapon making isn't one of my strongest points. ^^;