Franziska von Karma (Young Franziska) - Ace Attorney Investigations


Nemacon 2010




I love the Ace Attorney series and I desperately wanted to cosplay as someone from that series, though I wanted to cosplay as a female character for once. So who better to cosplay who has the same height as me ( > _ < ) is none other than Franziska von Karma. In her younger self. Yeah, I couldn't picture myself as the 'present' Franziska with her whip, so her horse whip fits my style better.

Oh yeah, I went to Middlesbrough as I became a volunteer/gopher for the nearest anime-cum-manga convention that I could go to while the next Thought Bubble convention was miles away. And I thought it would be more fun if I cosplay as the little would-be-prosecutor who likes to punish big people with this prop that I just made with only using acrylic paint, modelling clay and lots of newspaper.

And before I forget, this was the first costume that I made of using only the fabric itself, instead of the ready-made clothes.


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