Riku Anami (School Uniform-cum-Jinki-Kanshu) - World Embryo




I feel sorry that the creator of Chrono/Chrno Crusade's next work didn't get as much love as the first one, so I want to make it up by cosplaying as the main character, except it's the Jinki-Kanshu version, because he looks badass with white hair. XD

Anyway, the wig was sort-of difficult to make, especially with the 'ear' thingies on his hair. DX Took a bit of trial and effort to make them stick onto place for once.

Make-up was alright.

Wish I made that sword prop that Riku carries, but I didn't have enough time and money to make one, so who knows. I might come back to this once I've got everything out of the way.


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