Denmark - Axis Powers Hetalia


1st place - Forbidden Planet cosplay competition




Another one?!...I'm Hetalia obsessed, no going back now XD too many characters I like.

Already have the coat, shirt, tie, and boots, and get to reuse my Cloud wig for this as well. Still debating about whether to make the axe or not.

Since he's a another blue eyed character, I've kinda given myself a wee cosplay challenge to do at least 1 blue or close to blue eyed character from each series I'm into (Done pretty well so far XD )

Worn at Nanashi Dansu April 30th 2011


xBoLin posted on 18 April, 2011 - 21:28
awesome cosplay :3 you suit Denmark well <3

BlueberryTale posted on 18 April, 2011 - 23:17
Thank you very much :3

ToroSonyCat posted on 19 April, 2011 - 15:14
You make a great Denmark! :D

BlueberryTale posted on 19 April, 2011 - 18:12
Thank you! ^^

Carmina posted on 24 March, 2013 - 20:20
Love this, he really suits you!

KiraraYumi posted on 14 April, 2013 - 15:44
You suit him so well! Excellent cosplay! 8D

TheGrackle posted on 13 June, 2013 - 14:52
Possibly one of my favourite characters ever and you've done it really well! Awesomesauce :D

InfiniteJester posted on 17 July, 2013 - 22:52
Photos look great! I love the use of location and the flag too :)

blissfulbanana posted on 11 August, 2013 - 22:04
love this wig and nice costume suits you well