Bella Sister (Blue Bella) - Resident Evil 4



About the Bella Sisters:

"The Bella Sisters are siblings that fell victime to the Las Plagas Virus that was implanted by the Los Illuminatoes cult. They weild a red chainsaw, unlike Dr. Salvador that wields a brown one. They also have bandages almost completely wrapped around their heads, stained in blood. One Bella Sister confronted Ada near the edge of a cliff behind the church, the second before the route to the castle. A third and forth Bella Sister attacked Leon near a camp."

About the Cosplay:

I really enjoyed playing RE4 and have replayed so many times I could probably play it with my eyes closed XD. Since I've cosplayed all of Ada's costumes, I figured it was about time I turned to doing one of the enemies and since the Bella Sisters are such awesome enemies I figured I'd give it a go :). Alongside Gaming_Goddess as the other Bella Sister.

The shirt and Skirt are bought and dirtied up, the Apron, mask and chainsaw I made from scratch. The chainsaw is made from cardboard and mount board, then spray painted.

- posted on 14 April, 2011 - 22:32
Oh god! these managed to scare the hell outta me! Can't wait to see how your gunna do this D:

Frederica la Noir posted on 16 April, 2011 - 18:36
^^ they scare me still.. I always run away and sniper them they still make be jump! Hopefully I can make a decent chainsaw to make it really convincing :D

ElegantAura posted on 17 April, 2011 - 19:21
Wow great progress, this is gonna be scary (totally in a good way)I have memories of making Leon look like a total chicken running away from them hahaha

Alinthia posted on 3 June, 2011 - 15:37
This looks amazing! You both did a great job. :D xx

Varia posted on 16 April, 2013 - 16:13
This is really cool. Good to see some of my favourite enemies being cosplayed!

Grey Skirt
blue shirt
Red Enamel Paint

Total cost: £0.00

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