Banban Akaza - Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger





(Debut event at London MCM Expo, May 2005.)

Okay, so this was my first ever costume that I made and it shows, trust me :P

This is Ban's police uniform that each of the Dekaranger wear when they're on regular police duty before they henshin into their actual DekaSuits.
I've always loved the designs of these uniforms; navy blue with [insert Ranger colour] star and police badges on the chest, Ranger colour gloves folded up and attached to each upper arm and S.P.D logo accross the back... As for the trousers/pants; I'm in love with them, lol: navy blue with Ranger colour straps and metal buckles around each lower leg with S.P.D down the top-left-outside leg.

Anyway, I only had a few days to put the whole costume together with absolutely no textiles experience and like I said; it really shows.
The jacket and trousers were mine which I don't really wear anymore so I customed them, all of the red and grey detailing was done by myself, and rather simply the buckles, police badge and S.P.D badge were all cardboard *blushes*.

All in all, I think it turned out okay, but this has definately been retired now, but I will be remaking it when I have free time (and learn how to sew properly!) so that way it'll hopefully be alot better after putting alot more time into it.


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