Green Oak
Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Cosplayer: kenjirou

Variant: FireRed & LeafGreen

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

1st May 2011: Progress is being made! I have a feeling this will be my second complete Gary/Green cosplay!

I received the pendant the other day. It's perfect - all I need to do is put it on some black thread. Lucky I have some left over from when I did his first necklace, right? I also purchased the shirt from eBay and will be buying the cargo trousers as soon as I've measured myself. I don't want to get the wrong size after all! Sweatbands have also been bought. I've sought down some very similar bags to his... travel bumbags. L O L. So fashion savvy, Mr Oak :'D and then all I need is the shoes. I'm hoping my black trainers still fit me and are floating around the house somewhere... if not, eBay will save the day again.