Rin Kagamine ((Matryoshka)) - Vocaloid (Matryoshka)





There was a Dundee cosplay meet, and I didn't want to wear my Fuu as it was too sunny!
I love the creepiness of the song and I had a blonde wig laying around, so why not!
Bought and altered the hoodie, shame I didn't realise it was 35% cotton and 65% polyester before dying.....made a cool effect tho!

I don't think I'll be going back to this


Luminafusion posted on 6 June, 2011 - 04:24
Love it! when u gonna debut this cosplay? looks very good!

kitty_sama posted on 6 June, 2011 - 22:05
Thank you! Not sure, I think it'll just be a cosplay for meets instead of conventions :)