Azusa Nakano
K-ON! ED Listen!

Cosplayer: Fliss

Variant: Series 2 Ending Listen

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set


16th May 2011: Uzumaki-house Ive been doing some artwork on ebay and selling it so i was hoping to take a portfolio to the expo with me to see if anyone would be interested. Also i will be doing a survey to see what peoples fav anime are so i can target there ideals.
:) also fav characters and that, I guess if you are interesed in any of my art i will be cosplaying azusa and Mio, handing out cards and probably carring a giant A2 porfolio around with me.
Haha! I will be up for selling them too.
take a look if you want

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 18th April 2011
Can't wait to see! :D

Fliss avatar

Fliss - 19th April 2011
Thanks :D
Ive got it all together now so it is completeeeeeeeeeee.