Gwendolyn (Battle) - Odin Sphere


AmeCon 2008




For some reason, I just sympathise with Gwendolyn. Her complete lack of confidence coupled with the overwhelming desire to please her father - this girl just can't win.

My favourite part is definitely the wings - which were also the best deal. Rather than spend a fortune on feathers, I played it smart and bought feather boa's. They should have cost me close to £30, instead they were less than £10 altogether. I also had enough to complete the headdress, which looks incredible, along with the greatest wig I've ever owned by a mile.

The dress however, was my biggest hell. Every single aspect of it went out of its way to be JUST that little bit harder than it needed to be. A side zip for a dress that opened in the front, lace that wouldn't stay put, stitching the black fabric to the bed accidentally, not staying in place...the list goes on.

The boots on the other hand were fairly odd. They looked great, though making them ripped my fingers to shreds, and the stitching was undone on the elastic by the end of the con, but I was quite proud of them (even if I had to use duck tape to keep them on my legs...THAT was fun to get off).

Arm sleeves weren't brilliant, but because of time they weren't actually complete until Saturday morning anyway.

* * *

Unfortunately, this costume has just about had it. Jesus couldn't ressurrect it in time for Auchinawa, so it may be time to retire it.


yami-no-neko posted on 30 July, 2008 - 19:45
Oh wow awesome. I can't wait to see this. I only just recently got this game, but It has fast become one of my favorites. I really love the costume designs. Good luck XD

Amy-Lou posted on 12 August, 2008 - 14:54
I love this design and you've really done it justice. I was so happy when I spotted you at Amecon, but it was too crowded to reach you. You make a lovely Gwendolyn and using boas worked really well :D

Exelia posted on 12 August, 2008 - 15:35
This is so beautiful!! O.O How did I miss this? I didn't see you at all that day! Absolutely stunning costume :) I hope I can see it in person at another con!

Luki posted on 12 August, 2008 - 16:45
Amy-Lou - Thanks a lot. Not many people recognised me but those who did made it worthwhile (there was a girl in the dealers room who did a double take before jumping up and squealing GWENDOLYN! at a high pitched frequency that really made my day ^_^) Taruto - I didn't actually wear it that long. Only during the masquerade and between 9 and 12 on Sunday. By then the armour had more or less disintergrated around me and the skirt was cutting the circulation in my stomach so it had to go.

CharlyVK posted on 20 August, 2008 - 17:57
I managed to get a pic of you in the dealer's room. I loved the outfit so much, I recognised you straight away, Gwendolyn is such a gorgeous character to cosplay!

iggie posted on 9 September, 2008 - 09:33
Really loved this costume you did an awesome job! I love the featherss~ (Also jut to let you know the photo of you outside was actually taken by myself XD)

Hexi posted on 4 May, 2009 - 15:36
Awesome! I LOVE the character designs from ODin Sphere. such awesome outfits too! Working on Velvet right now but i think i'll have to give Gewn a go too! <3

gaming_goddess posted on 30 March, 2010 - 18:16
this cosplay is gorgeous and you did a brilliant job with it :)