Neliel (Adult Nel) - Bleach




This cosplay turned out better than i thought. It was alot more complex to make then i first thought. The ripped top turned out alot harder to make, it was originally a turtle neck. It looked as though it would be the right lenght but when it came to actually cutting, was far too short. Hence the lack of tears ^^;.

There was quite a few problems with the skirt part aswell, the skirt kept rolling up and was far too revealing, Originally a hem was to be sewn into the top of the waistline and Elastic threaded into it. However after cutting the material, it became quite apparent that there wasnt as much material as was first thought. It was short enough that the original hem had to be unstitched and the new hem scrapped. The skirt however, was salvaged by adding an inner piece of material for the elastic and threading it through, which gave a more desirable length and better support.

The mask was fun to make, this was made from cardboard for the main part and tinfoil for the horns, this was then covered in paper mache and tissue paper was used to create depth, this took a few days. It was then painted. The mask was by far my most favourite part.

The sword was made by cutting blade shapes from foam board and glueing two identical blades together, a handle was also cut and added to the bottom of the blade, having done this, with the same material a guard was then cut and slid down the blade. Then, using a craft knife, a diagonal section was shaved off, creating the blade edge. The sword was then paper mached and painted.

The wig was bought online and didn't need much in the way of styling as I was quite particular about what style I wanted. The main problem was attaching the mask to the wig. The original idea was to use two small hair combs and attach those to the mask, originally this was with tape then later with super glue. This worked with my actual hair... However this wasn't tested with the wig until the day. I found that if the head was tilted a little too far back it would fall out.. In the end the mask had to be sewn to the wig itself.

(Edit: Alot of credit goes to Bangus who made the sword, the base for the headpiece and put the hem in the the skirt. A couple of late nights we had making this. With my hours at work i know for a fact without his help this definitely wouldn't have been ready for Kitacon. So thankyou Bangus ^^)


Bangus posted on 7 April, 2011 - 10:34
Turned out very good For a first attempt with the problems. Will look even more amazing at version 2.

Kata-san posted on 30 May, 2011 - 00:32
Looks really good, well done!

sjbonnar posted on 16 June, 2011 - 08:47
A fantastic Nel!

Huan posted on 5 November, 2011 - 10:57
Hi I've just joined Cosplay Island as I went to the October Expo and was impressed by the costumes. I was just wondering if you wore this to that as I think I saw you in which case I just wanted to say the costume looked great!

ryaoki posted on 27 May, 2014 - 17:56
I'm thinking this needs to be re-done ;)