Kilik (Player 1 version) - Soul Calibur IV

In Progress


This has to be one of my all time favourite costumes, the colours work really well together and while having extreme amounts of detail it doesn't seem cluttered and is able to flow

Having made this costume once already, I can see areas to improve upon it as last time was my first attempt at sewing a costume from beginning to end. Therefore, a mark II version is in progress, bringing in every conceivable detail hopefully. This is an attempt to mimic the extraordinary sewing work Lex (Cosplex) has shown over the last few years.

Update Aug 2013:
Starting to replace parts on the original with new ones, with the plan to enter EGX in September. But the overall plan is a totally new costume in the end. I will continue to work on it and post progess

Sephirayne posted on 3 July, 2011 - 22:59
Looking forward to seeing.

LittleRecordGirl posted on 15 August, 2011 - 12:24
If you're going to Kitaco next year you should join our SC group!

Viola posted on 22 August, 2012 - 14:39
Good luck with it (:

Kung fu slippers

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12th August 2014


So let's resurrect this costume. I have lots of fabric and pieces that have been sitting there ready for this costume, so time to revisit it to see if I can get it finished for EGX in September.

26th July 2011

Applique continuum

I continue to do the masses of applique on this costume. Doing it slightly differently on this version compared to the mark I. Firstly, the lighter colours are being gradient dyed to give a better merging of colours. Secondly, I am doing the applique while the main part of the costume is in pieces so I can fold over the ends under the seams, and it is also being done with a much tighter stitch. This last change is making me go through so much thread. Pictures soon

17th July 2011


Kilik has a Phoenix design which wraps around the torso, which I am doing using red, yellow and orange silk satin appliqued to the main costume. I have started on the collar first as some pieces need to be be completed before the main body is sewn together. This is one of the details that was missing of the mark I version There is a two-toned colour to these pieces which I have replicated using watered down acrylic paint bled in to the lighter coloured silk satin. These pieces were then ironed on to the fabric using bondaweb and then the egdes appliqued.....carefully.

3rd July 2011

Mock up complete

The mock up is based on a cassock pattern with the picture showing the sixth and final version before I start using the main fabric. It has taken a lot of modification to get the desired fit, and a lot of unpicked; I now have a small pile of snazzy bright pink thread that I used to make all the unpicking easier. It has taken a couple of weeks but it was better to make all the necessary modification with the mock up fabric rather than on the actual silk satin I plan to use. For one, silk satin is expensive and two, it frays badly. I can now make a start cutting out both the main and the lining fabrics, treating the edges to prevent the fraying, and make a start on some of the applique pieces which need to be done before the main body of the costume can be put together.

19th June 2011

And we are off

Fabrics bought, lovely silk satins in blue, red, orange, yellow and brown. The blue is a slightly different shade to the mark I version. Mock up under way and alteration of the trousers completed, shoulder armour and arm guards started.

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