Reno - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children


Alcon 2009




I first wore this to Alcon 2009 then again at Alcon 2010. Basically its just a black suit, white shirt, red wig, black goggles, black boots, mag rod (lightsabre and silver and black duct tape)

First year I didn't have a wig so dyed my hair and put in extensions which were the wrong shade to my hair. Now I have a wig and it looks better and I made a mag rod using a lightsabre and some duct tape.

I chose Reno as my first cosplay because he is my favourite character from FFVII.

Hardest part was making the mag rod and styling my wig

Easiest part was getting my suit just bought it from Tescos jacket, trousers plus 2 shirts £19 bargain


misfit_mosher posted on 6 April, 2011 - 14:57
Reno <3 :D xx