Larsa Solidor
Final Fantasy XII

Cosplayer: carrie_monster

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2007

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Anonymous - 3rd January 2008
OMG Larsa cosplay~!!!! And a good one too!!! *hearts*

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Anonymous - 4th February 2008
OMG, you make a super cute Larsa. :) I think this is so unusual to see too! I wish I had played FFXII back at that ame so I could have fangirled then heehee!

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Defrain - 17th December 2008
epic love it should get some more pics so can see whole costume

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Missytetra - 22nd April 2009
I <3 Larsa! I'll be cosplaying him very soon too, and it's a pleasure to see a good Larsa cosplayer ^^ You did well hun, I love it!