Beatrice (Game Board Version) - Umineko no Naku Koro ni





My first ever cosplay!
Worn at the MUJS Winter Cosplay Party 2009.

What can I say- I luuuuurve Beato.
The costume was pretty simple, the only parts I actually sewed were the tie and the skirt. Having never sewn before, it was a bit of a challenge xD The rest of the costume just involved a bit of tweaking like spraying buttons and making the ring.
The ring was made in a rush, so isn't great (I don't really have any pictures either)
However, I make jewellry as a hobby now, and hope to make the ring with metal clay some time in the future.

Although you can't see in the photos, I did have Beato's 'tattoo' on my thigh. It was a bugger to wash off...

The wig was my baby! I had never styled a wig before, oo-er. I wanted it to be as accurate as possible, so the wig is one veeery long piece. Styling took forever, but I loved the result! The only problem was that it was heavy and kept pulling back. This can easily be fixed, and I shall sew extra hair into the front for a thicker fringe. Colouring my eyebrows blonde took forever too...

And the cane is just a cheap fancy dress one xD


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