Ero-gami (Pheefa Version!) - B Gata H Kei





A quick costume for the Winter MUJS cosplay party 2010
I rabu Yamada's ero-gami, and HAD to cosplay her.
The main variation was that I just stuck to my own hair colour, which was pink at the time. I didn't bother with the staff- but I shall think about making it if I ever re-wear this. I also had magic phallic wands (A.K.A penis straws) which, I can assure you, did not appear in the anime.

The kimono wasn't too hard to make. However, I made it too skinny so had to add extra panels either side! Oops!

As I don't have a flying pink cloud (I really want one) I made my own little pink clouds out of foam and cotton wool. Dyeing the cotton was fun! Looked like candy floss *belly rumble* They were an absolute bugger to walk in though D=

Loved wearing a moustache xD


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