Costume :Rin Kagamine
Variant :Her normal attire.
Source :Vocaloid 2
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Make shift reference sheet~!


Costume Information

Cost : Maybe a couple of dollars.
Time Taken : None so far

Been a fan of Vocaloids for a while now. Rin and Len have always been my favorites, so when a group of friends and myself spoke of cosplaying from Vocaloids I called dibs on Rin. (≧∇≦)/

Nothing really done of hers. I have in mind what things and how I would make it in mind already, though.


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This will be so cute :) I hardly see any Rins in comparison to Miku and Luka

by HotshotShan on Wednesday, 20 April, 2011 - 15:54
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Thank you~! :D

And, and yeah. Poor Rin.

by nyappyPOCKY on Friday, 22 April, 2011 - 01:53