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Costume completion;

Mask - 1oo %
Coat - 65 %
Leg Warmers - 95 %
Tail - o %
Props - o %
Undergarments - 100 %


o1 - o5 - 2o12

This costume has been fun and most interesting. It is almost done, but not done at all. The coat and hood, tail and such is all I need left; along with some small details here.

Plan on picking it back up and waring it to con soon, hopefully.


Limegreenjelly posted on 19 April, 2011 - 12:27
Hey if you need any help just PM me mew ^^ Tao is an excellent character I approve muchly :D

nyappyPOCKY posted on 19 April, 2011 - 14:31
Ah~, thank you so much for the comment and the future help! x3 /clings to Yes, I will need much help, so expect some PMs soon. > 3>;

No thanks posted on 27 April, 2011 - 01:56
<3 Looking forward to this! I'd help you with the whole stuffing the paw's but i've stuffed my paws and given myself no opening for my hands, i plan not so use my hands the whole day. (oh boy..) Stupid idea on my behalf i realize i have friends helping me throughout the day. Perhaps where the paw applique would be, put little pocket holes for you to put your hands through? then when you pull your hands back in it should rest nicely against the fabric as if no pocket was there if you make it just enough to put your hand and forearms through? just an idea i'm not sure how that'd play out.. Good luck!

nyappyPOCKY posted on 26 May, 2011 - 00:40
Thank you for the comment and information! :3 And, and good luck! (I will need it.

Nomes posted on 7 June, 2011 - 21:36
I'm looking forward to seeing how you do this! Good luck!

nyappyPOCKY posted on 7 June, 2011 - 23:35
Thank you! I am as well. xD But so far it is looking well. Thank you for the luck! :D <3

No thanks posted on 28 June, 2011 - 13:31
Loving the progress!!

nyappyPOCKY posted on 28 June, 2011 - 20:53
Thank you! :D

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Progress Journal

5th January 2012

Picking up again.

I am picking this costume up, once again.
Before I had put it off, being busy and not having a sewing machine.
But! But now that I have a sewing machine once more (still busy though) I am -- no, I will finish this costume! C:
It is my goal by this June.
Wish me luck!

15th June 2011


Time; 2:3o P.M.
Location; Still a mess of a room
Music; "Clown Joker (Mi Mi Hua Yuan)", by Jay Chou

Got some stuff done! 8D
Only have fifth-teen days left, but I am sure this will be done in time~. (- 3-) /nods

Mask, zipper pull, braids, and shorts have been done.
(Leg warmers are almost done.)
Tao;s tail and over all coat is all I need now. Other then buying black shoes and stocking, of course. :3

Hopefully this will be done next Thursday, but we shall see~. C:

8th May 2011

Entering panic-mode...NOW!

Time; 6:o2 P.M.
Location; A mess of a room.
Music; "覚醒ヒロイズム~THE HERO WITHOUT A NAME~", by アンティック-珈琲店- (An Cafe)

Only have about 45 to 46 days left! D:
Ah, enter panic mode now!

Not a thing has been done for this costume between school and other commissions stuff! _| ̄|○
So afraid this will not get done for expo in time.....

Some plans have changed, also.
The brace for the underpart will no longer be needed. A fun plan was made for the hotel's pool. Which is to alter bathing suits to look like our characters, which is really cute~!

So the alter red bathing suit (which will look just like Tao's undergarments, just with a red top) will be worn under the costume. Which seems more comfortable; so no complaining here~. (*´▽`*)

18th April 2011

Pattern idea for costume and help for stuffing the paws (please?).

Time; 6:55 P.M.
Location; Neverland
Music; "Flavor of Life", by 宇多田ヒカル(Utada Hikaru)

A rough sketch for an idea for what I should try out with the mock-ups. Ugh, right now if I want a good quality costume, it seems the hood will be about nine pieces. D:

Hopefully the other costume pieces (coat, sleeves, etc.) will not have to have more pieces to them. Since at the moment the coat is about four pieces, and the paws only two (not counting the paw pad, claw openings, etc.).

Also; halp?!
Anyone who has made and, or might have a good idea for stuffing the paws, please, PLEASE, help me! TT ~TT

I want to stuff the paws, but I am afraid to run into it yet. I will not have any invisible seams or hand slits in the sleeves for my hands. For I will have a group with me so they will unzip my coat for me when I need my hands. (I will have a tan body brace on with fake looking suspenders sewed on to look like Tao's real deal under the coat.)

So It will look like I am showing off skin; when I am not. ;D
(Does anyone think this is a good idea? If not, do you have any better ideas? If so I would love for some help! I am willing to take any willing help, tips, and, or suggestions. :) ❤ )

Please comment and, or message me any info.
Thank you very much!

17th April 2011

Frabrics and threads.

Time; 11:36 P.M.
Location; Wonderland, Mad Tea Party
Music; "Break Down", by ギルガメッシュ(Girugamesh)

Materials for the costume. I am so happy that I found thread that matches the colors so well and for cheep, also.

The fabrics are not to heavy, but they do hold a shape; which is perfect. Since I live in a dessert; so something like fleece in 1oo° weather = not fun.
(And the degrees in no lie; for I wish it was.) /sob