Shounen Bat - Paranoia Agent




Basic. I don't normally do cosplays that are just clothes, tweaked, as they're less fun to wear but... I love Paranoia Agent. Kita is sort of my relaxation con, I save my main energy for August, so this was a nice casual costume which still had a chance of scaring people.

It was mostly bought stuff: top was mine, shorts I borrowed from my boyfriend, rollerblades and kneepads from other friend who didn't mind my spraypainting and destroying them; cap and hoodie were £2 or so eBay purchases. I made the badges- simple as somehow I have ended up with a badge machine in the house. ??? The bat is just card, tube and papier mache and masking tape. It's not very bat-textured but I ran out of latex.

I had no prior experience with rollerblades. But I can confirm to all naysayers that I did not *actually* fall over.
Wearing them was more comfortable than my laughable attempt at boob-strapping-down, though. Don't use parcel tape. It rustles.


cowiee posted on 5 April, 2011 - 00:52
THIS NEEDS MORE LOVE! I freakin' love this anime. Ahh that bat <3 amazing! :D

Rice Pudding posted on 5 April, 2011 - 11:47
Thankyou! It should be universally loved. Such an incredible series!