Lulu - Final Fantasy X





Had this up a while ago and took it down, but I'm deciding to re-upload it because I definitely want to cosplay Lulu :)


Relion posted on 11 August, 2011 - 19:52
BELTSBELTSBELTSBELTS You will be an awesome Lulu 8D

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Progress Journal

11th August 2011


After some browsing on the web I eventually found a website that sells dark grey leatherette! I wanted grey because there is a colour difference between the corset and the sleeves/skirt, so I'm glad I waited and had a look around various websites and shops before buying fabric. I've ordered a sample, because I don't want to order the amount I want and then find out I've wasted my money because I don't like it. I'm hoping it's as good as the photo looks, though! I've already got some black leatherette/PVC (I'm not sure which it is) fabric I can use for the corset, as well as some boning that's left over from the Esmeralda costume I made for a friend.

I've also signed Relion up as my Yuna! She is very happy about this because she loves Final Fantasy X.