Meiko (Angel Magnet) - Vocaloid




I've wanted to do a vocaloid cosplay for a while, and I started off with Kaito but ended up doing Meiko xD This was for a group proposed by Gabriel, who was going to be cosplaying Angel Magnet Rin with Lolly as Angel Magnet Len. Alas, money issues meant they couldn't join us in the end ;A; But the group had progressed to include me as Meiko, Ruth as Gakupo, Grace as Luka, Helen as Gumi and Rach as Miku.

As Angel Magnet only has designs for Rin and Len, we were allowed to go a bit wild and design our own outfits for this 8D I really quite enjoyed having that freedom for once♥

Going from the original Rin and Len designs, we noticed the accent colour on their outfits was pink. We took this as a key to the outfit, and switched everyone's colours c: This probably would have transferred better if we had the whole group (when we switched the colours, we assumed we'd have a Rin, a Len, and a Kaito too!! xD Groups don't always go as planned;; ), but I think we still look pretty brilliant!!

Meiko's switched colour was yellow, so I found a white corset with yellow embroidery on ebay C: It's a lovely corset, and was only £12!! Bargain!! I also bought a white flowy top to wear underneath, and some cute white fingerless gloves (which were another thing we all tried to incorporate into our outfits).

I already had white heels from Mugi, and I switched trousers with Ruth (she's borrowing my jeans, I bought her 3/4length shorts!!). My wig was a birthday present from Grace :D I love the colour, and the wig is gorgeously thick and poofy♥♥ I ended up styling it on friday night at expo xD But to be honest, it only needed a trim. I tried adding curls, but they didn't really suit it C:

The headphones were bought from ebay too, as were the LED's - which are infact light up laces!! Ruth and Helen made the wings out of craft foam I bought from Fred Alders; me and Grace then stuck them onto the headphones C: I love how they look!! Ruth and Helen did an awesome job :D I played the very important roll of "manager who naps on the chair and occasionally adds positive input"

This cosplay was really fun to wear, ASIDE FROM THE SHOES. OH GOD. FOOT PAIN. /sob. The sad thing is, the heels really aren't that high. They're like, kitten heels!! But I'm so pathetic when it comes to wearing shoes like that, and I proper couldn't handle it. I ended up spending a lot of expo walking around bare-foot!! xD So lame!! Otherwise, I really enjoyed this cosplay C: Meiko is an awesome character, and I'd love to do more versions of her. I particularly loved getting our group shots as we looked so colourful together!! One day I'd love to get a Rin, Len, and Kaito too for another photoshoot :D Cuteness everywhere!!


SilverSheik posted on 14 April, 2011 - 16:05
Meikooooo <3 ~~ >w< Please dont hit me D: I'll, I'll...I'll...I'll give you some of my ice cream! >.< *ultimate sacrifice to avoid pain* XD Hurrr we're gonna look sexeh 8B

xLaviChii posted on 11 May, 2011 - 20:49
cant wait too see it :D

cowiee posted on 6 November, 2011 - 03:50