Erza Scarlet (Casual) - Fairy Tale


For Franky's group on Friday night.

Was originally going to try my hand at the armoured version but I havenn't really had times since Midlands, especially with Minami in between and I'd like to concentrate on other projects so ruffle shirt it was.

I do like her character, from what I've seen so far, and there are a couple of other outfits I might work my way towards in the future.

Shirt is polycotton, worn with a tank top underneath as the shirt was a little too sheer for my liking. Pleated the ruffle front as opposed to gatherred, I think it sits better and is more flatterring this way. The ribbon is just tact under the collar to be tied over in a bow once buttoned up. Once again used my ever faithful jacket pattern and serged the seams with the overlocker.

I was going to use my Haruhi cheerleader skirt, but I've gone off bi-stretch as a whole and seemed too short so grabbed a couple of metres of royal blue klona cotton and kncoked up something longer with a different style of pleat. It might not be an exact representation but I actually really like the effect.

The boot covers are faux suede with a little bit of stretch in them. I love suede boots and yet don't own any XD Maintenance is a killer thought for suede. Still, knee high with the turn overs top stitched at the top. If I'd had more time or care for this cosplay I'd have lined them. Maybe if I go back to make the armour version but this is unlikely.

Wig was actually for something else, hence why it's not silky straight but I'm not sure how much more Erza I'm going to do, and one of the outfits I really like her hair is in a ponytail so I'd just use my Yoko wig, so I didn't see the point in getting a whole new one just for this so it'll have to do. The style suits thought I think.

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