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Because it's Xerxes Break. When he first becomes Xerxes Break. And I love this version, and because IT'S XERXES BREAK.

I don't need an excuse anymore really, do I? 8DDD

Though I will just mention that for this version...I actually...get to be... TALLER. >8D *brick'd*. Okay okay, that's not a selling point. The real selling point here is that I get to once again don this version with my brilliant and oh-so-wonderful cosplay partner x-Blade-x as my wonderful and oh-so-perfect Liam <3 *fanspacks over her in joy and love*. Expect adorable photoshoots, explosions of diddy (Liamisgoingtolooksoadorable*squee*) and excessive amounts of GRUMP from me.

Oh and bloody bandages. Which are ridiculous amounts of FUN to make, seriously. ;D

And yes, we can't keep our sticky and pinned fingers off of Break and Liam for five minutes. The moment we finished their party varients we wanted to put these ones up x'D. WE'RE ADDICTED. AND WE LOVE IT. <3

Will probably get to work on this one slowly over the next couple of months, as May cosplay(s) need to take priority right now. But hopefully there'll be some progress before long... Though I think my Liam is going to have to tie me to something anyway to stop me going on a mad fabric spree before I should <.<. Best of luck Noisy >Pb <3.

As always, honestly cannot WAIT to sort these varients, and wear them, and just... IT'S BREAK AND LIAM PEOPLE. You know the drill. 8'D


BladeyCakes posted on 1 April, 2011 - 01:33
OMFG. IT'S XERXES BREAK!!!! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *falls, backwards, and completely straightly, off a chair...the Liam way* My biscuit. My lovely cosplay partner and my WONDERFUL Xerxes Break... you know how tired I am right now. You know I CAN do a better comment than this, but HEY. I can try my best at least... now. YOU. Dear Lordy and Jun, YOU. You're gonna be so unfy and grumpy and emo and adorabibble andandandand EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! 8DDDD Early-Rainsworth nom!! I so CANNOT WAIT to do these versions~!! Just... ;A; ...wantplz.WANTWANTWANTWANT. *clings to your legs...DEM BREAK LEGS* ...I mean... EAT MORE HEALTHILY AND STOP POKING YOUR EYE, XERXES BREAK!! D8< ... *grumpy-huff-flusters, and throws fruit at you* I love you. And you are going to look so very, very amazing. <3 My wonderful Xerx... So looking foreward to this!! <3 Love youuuu~ xxx

InfiniteJester posted on 3 April, 2011 - 20:47