Cosplayer: concertina226

Variant: Pre-chopped hair

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

29th March 2011: Bought the wig! I just ordered my wig... it's 48 inches long, the longest I can find. It's coming from China, so with 2 months to go, that should be ample time for it to reach me in time for May Expo. So exciting! :D

27th March 2011: Bought materials, Pascal has arrived! I'm so excited... after 3 hours spent shopping in Shepherd's Bush, I have bought all the fabric I need for my Tangled costume. The total damage is around £30, but I think it's worth it, because after hours of matching fabrics with my friends, all the colours and textures are exactly right :D

In other news, Pascal (a.k.a. expensive official Disney chameleon plushie) has arrived from America, just as I was about to leave work to go shopping - nice timing! He cost £13 but he's worth it I think :)

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 24th April 2011
So looking forward to seeing your Rapunzel! Can't wait to see your progress pictures or see it in person at expo! ^_^

concertina226 avatar

concertina226 - 26th April 2011
Awww thanks Cez! I've started on the skirt now, once it's done I'll definitely post pictures :)

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FuriePhoenix - 30th May 2011
this looked amazing in person!! Was so glad I finally got to get photos with you as Ariel too! ^_^