Dean Winchester (Female version) - Supernatural




s4~esque Dean Winchester, girl version. Complete with accessories (amulet, ring, skull bracelet), anti-possession tattoo, Castiel's handprint. Clothes-wise: brown leather jacket, khaki shirt, jeans, boots, and (hopefully) a shotgun prop. Y'know, the kind with the salt rounds ;D


LunasBrokenHeart posted on 30 March, 2011 - 12:53
yes its all about supernatural !!!! <3 love that series !!

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30th April 2011

Found leather jacket!!

I've been looking for a leather jacket for Dean since January, but no luck! And then the other day I randomly decided to look on eBay and there was a perfect brown jacket, one size bigger than me, perfect for Dean. So I bid and surprisingly, I won! :D *overjoyed*
Cost me £11 including shipping! Should be receiving it next week!