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18th October 2008: 18/10/08 - hat altered The hat and wig combined seriously felt like it was pulling all my hairs out at the front! [In fact I DID pull a few hairs out urgh, the paaaain!] So I finally caved after doing the intro of the dance and took apart the hat. I cannot dance properly with all that pain going through my head!

So I took out the fabric stuffing [I was being cheap!] and replaced it with a quatre/half a bag of toy stuffing, it is so much lighter now! But there goes most of my stuffing, d'oooooh.

BUT, IT HAT DOESN'T MAKE MY NECK DROP OFF ANYMORE! YAAAY! 8D Although it still makes my wig slip back, I can't put 100% effort into the headbanging bit of the Honto no Jibun dance without the hat bobbing up and down =/ I might actually sew the hat onto the wig LOL XD

5th October 2008: 05/10/08 - Bag made I have no major coursework deadlines coming up, therefore I must make use of all the spare time I have and GET A MOVE ON WITH COSPLAY!

The bag was basically made by sewing two panels together then getting a long long strip of fabric for the strap. Easy peasy! A very convenient prop I must say, I can use it as a normal bag! :D Although them hem on the strap is awful in some places, but shhh!

I discovered that I have enough fabric to make a second visor for my hat, yaay! I'm ill and exhuasted now though so I probably won't be making it til tomorrow [although knowing me I probably will make it today if I get bored XD]

Again, rubbish webcam picture alert.

5th October 2008: 05/10/08 - Hat made To be honest I'm not 100% happy with the hat but it was so hard to make that I'm not remaking it! [plus the fact that if I remake it I won't have enough fabric for the bag...]

I started out by measuring the circumference of my head, divided it by 2xpi and made two semi circles. Since I got my measurements wrong the first time because I forgot to times pi by two I added another panel to make it bigged. I sewed together the two semi-circles and voila, it was the shape of my head!

I put that to the side then started out with two circles with the circumference of 50". Realised this was far too big so I gradually made it smaller and smaller [such a long, boring and tiring process!]. I think the end result was 40-45" in the end. Sewed the two giant circles together and cut out a hole which equalled the circumference of the other piece of fabric, later I made the circle to look more like ovals so that the hat wasn't devouring my head so much! I stuffed it with spare fabric and normal stuffing [I used fabric because I didn't want to put them to waste, see I recycle! ;D].

Finally I made the visor, added wadding to it and attached it to the hat. I accidently made the visor too small, d'oh! Maybe if I have enough fabric leftover once I've made the bag I'll make a bigger visor ^_^

Through my stupid mistakes along the way I can't dance about in the hat anymore, I can walk around easily, run, skip but after a while... it falls off or slips! So I'm gonna have to safety pin it to the wig or something T^T

4th October 2008: 04/10/08 - Top and shorts, complete! I was thinking 'Oh shoot! Expo soon, can't do more on Steiner until Miki's finished!' so I decided to get a move on!

Finally got the chance to hack off the sleeves on the t-shirt and make it look like a waist coat, I actually hemmed everything very neatly, go me!! I never hem things neaty! 8D

Shorts are shorter than I expected, that's because I only bought 0.5m of fabric and once I hemmed everything it was rather short. But it still looks alright so I'm not complaining! ^_^ I'm getting the hang on making trousers/shorts now, I can make them without messing up now, yay! I'm being a cheat and wearings black shorts underneath as well, mainly because I'll freeze to death on tiny polycotton shorts and need extra warmth! D8

9th September 2008: 09/09/08 - Wig arrived! To be honest I just wanted to try this out this journal feature, and since my blue wig arrived today I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show it off!

Here's my Miki wig, the fringe isn't styled yet as I only really just popped it on once I saw it had arrived!! [I'll blast it with the spray nearer to the expo], it's so blue!! I love it!! I seriously want to have the tips of my hair to go electric blue now! 8DD

Along with the wig yesterday I also bought a black t-shirt and so I shall hack off the sleeves and turn it into a waist coat type of thing when I have time. Back in August I bought the blue material for the hat and bag and also material for the shorts... I'll get started on them once the Midlands expo is over xD

Brinny-Chan avatar

Brinny-Chan - 6th October 2008
Wow! This is really good!

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Anonymous - 6th October 2008
woo! you make an uuuuber awesome Miki fifi! well done *claps*

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iggie - 6th October 2008
Uwaah~ Awesome costume~!
You suit her well! ^-^

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Fizzykat - 6th October 2008
omg!! you look so cute!!!!

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CrystalNeko - 6th October 2008
Holy moly comments already? THANK YOU EVERYONE! 8D

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Neko-Chan - 19th October 2008
wow crystal! this looks so awsome! :3
i cant wait to see it at mcm! xD sadly i wount be in the masq though so i wount be able to chat to you in the waiting room thingy D=

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Anonymous - 28th October 2008
Miki and the big squishy hat! yAAAAAAAAAy *flails in fits of laughter* we OWN everyone as the shugo chara!! *high fives*

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Ranma1-2 - 20th December 2008
Owwwwww so cute the pic of you asleep on your friend. Ahhhthat's what friends are there for. ^_^

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goodbyeworld - 3rd February 2009
This is sooo cute!! >w<

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Brinny-Chan - 6th February 2009
Snow pics!! Awesome!

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My__RoadOfBlood - 12th August 2010
Aww this is cute :3