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Ran - Shugo Chara!





-I worship CrystalNeko for buying my wig ;D-

I was really bored so i tried learning the Honto no Jibun dance. It was fun, so i asked fi (crystal neko) to learn it too. we decided it looked fun, and we should enter the masq as amu's shugo chara XD then we got special pleb to join us :) yaaaaayy

Ok, i made the dress pretty basically, out of pink polycotton, sewed on the ribbon and the bandanna thing round her neck. I covered a hat i already had in pink, and made a biiig faaaat squiiiishy heart out of red polycotton. I got the wig off ebay, it made up almost half the cost of the costume. i already had the shoes and socks, and i think that's it :D

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Snow!! FINALLY XD me and Crystal Neko took some awesomely shiny pictures i shall edit them more later xDD


Charlie-Bear posted on 22 July, 2008 - 20:28
GO GO RAN GOOOO! *Jumps about* Weeeeell this shall be uber fun! The dance is so hyper, guide me young Grasshopper to dancing victory! [See what I did? Grasshopper sensei needs help too! xP]

shigures high school girl posted on 23 July, 2008 - 12:34
Bwahahaha young grasshopper pwns! yaaaaaay *hyper high five* aahh...the boringness of sociology...(free IT lesson. Yayz!)

Hexi posted on 20 August, 2008 - 14:12
amazing! i love the Honto no Jibun dance! xD H!P dances are so hard to learn though. >3< i wander if Minns Daisuki has a Kokoro no Tamago does.... I'm currently trying to perfect Milky Way's Anataboshi dance. xD Kirarin Revolution sucks as an anime though. damn Kusumi. xD

Charlie-Bear posted on 28 October, 2008 - 17:57
Thingy from LazyTown!! 8D No really you do suit pink hair very much! I loved you in this so cute >_

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Progress Journal

14th October 2008

Dress finished!

Yaaaay! i've now made the dress. Except i forgot to put pleats in the skirt >.> i think i'll leave it unless i have more time, as i'm getting pretty rushed now. The only other problem i have is the red bandana-y thing round her neck. If i tie it it goes all bunchy, so i pinned it to the straps for now. But i'm not sure what i'll do on the day, as that'd be shoddy...
And yay for looking weird in photos, my camera's gone a tad screwy...

9th October 2008

09/10/08 - Wig arrived!

This isn't CrystalNeko hijacking this account at all, nope! Don't know what your talking about! *sweatdrop*

Okay basically, seeing as I ordered the wig and wanted to try it on, I couldn't help it! It's so bright, yet perfect for Ran! ^_^ I quickly added on a ponytail, and I mean quickly. So you can probably see the netting, but shhh!

Test shots! [technically Izzy should be the one to do test shots but I'M the one with the wig right now ohohohoho, I love hogging wigs >D]
Yes I love posing with the wig, it's so cute with the little ponytail 8DD

[Shame the webcam shots can't give the wig justice, I just put the camera away though so I'm laaazy!]