Zoey - Left 4 Dead


Auchinawa 2010

Yaya-Han awarded us a small token prize for costume accuracy!


The jacket is about 2 sizes too big for me, but it was all I had!

My boyfriend (Nick) and one of our best buddies (Ellis) where dead set on being the L4D team, and the whole shebang was harder than it looked.

Denim Capris vanished from the face of the Earth when I went to look for them, and had to buy a pair of jeans and stitch them up.

Our Health packs where bought on Etsy, and my Jacket commissioned by the lovely people and FeralWorks!

Ellis' shirt was made when I photoshoped the logo on his shirt, made it bigger and put it through Zazzle.com, he coloured the ringers himself et viola!
His foam baseball bat was also bloodied up by me.

The dirt on our clothes and skin is actually just coffee. Mixing coffee with flour makes a very convincing caked mud effect. The general dirt was made simply by putting coffee in a spray bottle and going at it!

We looked filthy but smelt of the finest coffee shop in Scotland.

Metsukinai posted on 18 April, 2011 - 00:58
Thought you looked really great in this despite what you have said!

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