Hildareia - Shining Tears X Wind




This costume I made purely because I had absolutely no idea what to cosplay so I let someone pick one for me. I fell in love with the costume and how beautiful she looked so I decided to make it. It was possibly one of my hardest as the material I used was leatherette and thats difficult to sew so my hands got cut up quite badly. It was also really tight and hot to wear and about an hour into the expo the high heeled boots were hurting and the leather was making me sweat. The wig was also long and got tangled a great deal which was a pain. The hat was really hard to do as the leatherette was heavy and difficult to get it into place properly so I was rather proud when i'd finished it.


Amy-Lou posted on 28 March, 2011 - 17:38
I wish I'd seen this at the Expo! The leather looks great, nice crisp lines on the patterns, bet it was so hot to wear though. Would love to see some photos of the full thing.