Amu hinamori (Amulet Heart) - Shugo Chara!




I chose to wear this costume because my sister wanted to do a cosplay from it so I figured why not cosplay from it too and we could go as a group. So we did and I made amulet heart and an amulet spade costume for a friend. This was fairly easy to do which surprised me. Skirts, especially pleated ones, are my speciality so that was fairly easy to do. I guess the hardest bit must be the legwarmers because I built them onto a pair of long socks so they'd keep up and I had to keep them stretched when making them, so I guess that was the hardest bit to do. The easiest part was the skirt cus I love making them and it looked so beautiful when I finished it. Only downside was the time I wore it, it was a little chilly outside and most of my legs and stomach were exposed so I got fairly cold because of that.


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