Mrs Lovett (By the sea red & white striped dress) - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 movie)


London MCM Expo May 2010

No. I didn't enter any competitions or anything.




I made this costume in two parts as I thought it would be easier and less damaging to the stitches if I made the top part seperately from the skirt. The skirt part consists of a large crinoline or hoop skirt underneath a petticoat style skirt and lots of dress netting as well. Then on top of that is one layer of red and white striped material with trim and another layer above that which is pinned and sewn into the position I wanted to match the dress in the movie.
The shirt itself I based on an old white T-shirt to get the outline and I used a blue quilt type material to make it thick and give it some shape. I made the main torso bit first, leaving a large patch on the front for the red material to go and the sleeves got added at the end.
I picked mrs lovett because when watching the movie one day I said to myself and everyone around me " I am going to make that dress one day. It's beautiful!" and so it got used for London expo as it was the only idea in my head at the time. I had the problem when making the skirt that I got the crinoline bought for me after I finished constructing the skirt so I had to take apart a lot of the stitches to re-make it to fit around the crinoline. As well as that I made the shirt on a mannequin but I made it too tight so I had to struggle a lot to get it off. Overall when I wore it at the expo I had the problem that the skirt was too large so I couldn't get down walkways in the main expo hall very easily, I couldn't exactly reach the table either and it made sitting down really hard. It was also really hot to wear as the skirt was made up of so many layers and the top was tight and quilted.


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