Murdoc Niccals

Cosplayer: 1000014

Variant: Clint Eastwood

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2008

Shazz avatar

Shazz - 24th July 2008
This was the quickest costume I've ever assembled LOL. I found pretty much everything on ebay right away.

Just need to make the helmet now...yay balloon and paper macheXD

1000014 avatar

1000014 - 25th July 2008
XDDD Yes, it must be one of the simplest cosplays I think. Maybe I should paper mache a tidus arm...

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 12th August 2008
LOVE IT yessssssss :3

1000014 avatar

1000014 - 12th August 2008
:D thanksss :D

Odd-One-Out avatar

Odd-One-Out - 13th June 2009
I can't explain how Murdocy you are!

1000014 avatar

1000014 - 25th June 2009
Tis the Murdocc in me ~~~ Goes off to play bass ~~~

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 8th April 2011
I have no idea how anyone can pull off Murdoc but you've done it! O_O
Nice work!

1000014 avatar

1000014 - 9th April 2011
Sugar, Spice, and everything nasty ;D

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 9th April 2011
Still my favourite by you I think <3