Fate Testarossa (Barrier Jacket) - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's


FushiCon 2011




I did not think I am going to plan another Lyrical Nanoha cosplay for 2011 because I am currently making the props for Nanoha's Force costume which is a hell of a lot of hard work, so wanted to take a little break. However, one of my friends is planning to cosplay as Signum for FushiCon 2011 and asked if I wanted to cosplay as Fate and how can I refuse? Fate is my most favourite female character, actually Sakura (CCS/Tsubasa) is my favourite, but I almost love Fate just as much! and I am planning to make all of Fate's costume, so her A's barrier jacket will come next because it pretty much works well with Signum.


nanahara posted on 16 October, 2011 - 16:16
progress on this is looking good

angelic-cat15 posted on 16 October, 2011 - 23:55
is coming along nicely twins we shale b at fushi con lol

Anime_Angel posted on 23 October, 2011 - 15:29
you did a great job on Bardiche

stacey_anime_chick posted on 27 January, 2012 - 01:33
Another Fate cosplayer! Awesome. Love the Bardiche and the hair ties! x3

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

27th October 2011

95% complete

First picture of a sneak peak of my completed Fate cosplay for a little test run, so I never applied make up or put on the costume propely as I just wanted to test the whole thing.

The wig got tangled with my armour in the left pic, hence I'm posing abit funny, but thought it should be uploaded because it's a view of the front of costume. Sadly, my wig is not in the best condition anymore and it;s a little bit messy, so looking to buy another wig.

23rd October 2011

Condition all green get set (almost!)

Costume is approx 80% complete and Bardiche assault is 97% complete. Whats left is the socks, gloves and to sew some parts of the skirt and top together.

Note that the costume is made to fit me perfectly, the mannequin hanger thing is smaller then me interms of bust & waist size, hence the costume does not look too good on the hanger, but you get the jist of it. Since I have a larger waist the skirt will sit higher when I'm wearing it.
Also, ignore the pins & safetly pins as I still need to glue/sew some parts together!

21st October 2011

Cloak WIP

Cloak work in progress!

The fabrics are left over from Rachel Alucard cosplay! I'm so happy that I don't need to go fabric shopping for the cloak as I am already skint! Also, the colours are so perfect too! The colour of Fate's cloak from the outside is a very dark Navy blue and definitely NOT black
I will take some daylight pics for better colours to the eye, but for now you will have to do with night pics.

I still yet to make the clasp, hence I am holding the cloak in the photos, but you get the idea. Also, I need to sew the red and blue fabrics together.
Cloak was made by my own guess work and pattern because I can't be bothered to search for a proper pattern, so lets hope this will work out. And I swear the red cloak is exactly the same size as the navy cloak, but it looks longer, dunno if this is because the way I'm holding it!

16th October 2011

Bardiche complete

BARDICHE COMPLETE after all the pain of burning myself with the glue gun and stabbing myself with a craft knife <.<" The worst thing is the waiting time for the glue and paint to dry which is why this took almost 3 weeks to make and now the waiting is all over ^^

I still yet to clean up the minor paint stains on the Bardiche and will do it if I have time, but for now it's 99% complete.

I am still not happy the fact I've made the axe too thick, but too late to change and will be hoping to upgrade this into either scythe form or hauken form.

Btw, I finally managed to get a good daylight picture of the Bardiche which shows the best colour to the eye.

10th October 2011

Bardiche - almost there!

It's looks abit weird, maybe because of the angle and the axe head is not painted yet. I'm still not happy that I made the axe too thick, but too late to correct and if I remake, I want to upgrade into scythe or haken mode.

Bardiche handle is 95% painted (the other 5% is cleaning up the paint marks)The thing I like about my Bardiche so far is the bottom of the handle, just look at the shape

9th October 2011

Approx half way

My progress is very slow, but somewhat getting there and costume is begining to look like Fate's. However I hate those socks as they keep on sliding down and the belt is too small, but will remake if I had the time.
The shoes are from my Fate sonic form, but will be re-making a more accurate pair... just wearing the sonic form shoes as a back up.

2nd October 2011

Bardiche base - 95%

Base of Bardiche is 96% complete. It looks abit weird because of the colours, but will paint the correct colours it once base is 100%.

Bardiche should be approximately same height as Fate to scale, but I have purposely made the prop slightly smaller then me as I don't want to carry a oversized prop straight after a MASSIVE prop *coughnanohaforcecough*

25th September 2011

Bardiche base WIP

Top left ~ Drawing out the shape of the axe (Fate figure is only for reference purposes)

Bottom left ~ axe head cutted out with a craft knife.

Right ~ Bardiche base so far! It looks weird at the moment because of the colours, but once I paint the correct colours onto the prop, it should look awesome (I hope!)
I have briefly stuck the cardbaord axe and polysytrene onto the handle with masking tape to check it looks okay before procceeding. I still yet to add more layers of card/foam and shape the axe, but you get the jist of it.

18th September 2011

Progress so far

After a 3 weeks break from cosplay work because of my Wales holiday, friends birthday and having a load of sleep from being tired to DEATH from work, I thought it was about time to get my ass to work back on Fate's costume.

As well as hemming the skirt, I've started to make the base of top. Argh! I just realised the width of belt is NOT wide enough and I took fucking hours to make it... I swear despite the belt looking so easy to make, it took longer to make compared to the skirt and rest of costume 0.o I don't think I will correct this error until I complete the entire costume as time is running out too quick for me.

Photo shows the costume so far without the wig and hair ribbons because I'm too lazy to wear wig for progress shoots as it usually takes approx 10mins to fit my hair under a wig. The armour and left glove were from my Fate (sonic form) and Nanoha Force cosplay respectivelty and the right hand glove was brought from Poundland and the Bardiche assault was made out of foam & glued on the glove.

Ignore the shorts! For accuracy, I will be wearing a shorter & tigther pair when I actually complete the costume.

29th August 2011

Belt and skirt WIP

Belt was something I found in my wardorbe and which I originally brought from Claires for appro £2-£3? (Can't remember the exact price) I thought the best option was to destroy the belt for my Fate cosplay since I had it for years and never ever worn once.

I used red fabric to cover up the belt such that the belt will be in the right tone of red. I had thoughts about painting the belt, but thought it will be a bad idea since paint can easily flake from a smooth plastic surface and I was abit worried that it might dye other parts of my cosplay into red.

The is my first time making a skirt with pleats and it was a bad idea to make a pleated skirt with satin as the pleats do not show very well.

btw, the skirt is made to be even when I wear this, hence the bottom of the skirt is cut into a curved shape. Also, I need to hem the skirt.

29th August 2011

Bardiche WIP

Just incase your wondering why I am making 2 Bardiches, I will be making one in axe form and the other in scythe and/or hauken form. I would have possibly prefered to make one Bardiche and make it able to construct in different forms, but I'm not too techincal, so probably best to do what I am most comfortable in making.

My usual favourite place to get a metal rod is from Wilkinsons for £0.79 because it's cheap and durable. I used paper marche and silver acrylic paint for the handle and foam to make the ends of the Bardiche thicker. I will need to make a trip to Hobby craft to get some polystrene balls, plus steal some cardboard from work to make the Bardiche head.

The first 2 pictures are taken in daylight and the last pic is taken in the night, hence the difference in lighting.

28th August 2011


Fabric which I will be using for costume. All these fabrics are left overs from past cosplay costumes.

- Pale pink satin fabric for the skirt (spare fabric from Sakura's pink ball dress, but I will be using the reverse side of fabric to aviod the shiny part)
- Black polyester fabric for skirt and possibly gloves and socks (spare fabric from Rachel Alucard)
- Red jersey fabric for armband and sock lining (Spare fabric from Fate sonic form)
- Black cotton jersey fabric for top and socks (spare fabric from Fate sonic form)
- Red polyester fabric for cape and belt (Spare fabric from Rachel Alucard)
- Blue/black unknown fabric name for cape (Spare fabric from Rachel Alucard)

Yeah, I'm a cheap skate by using left over fabric, but at least I get to use up all the fabric crap lying in my room and can get to use the money on something else (i.e. buy more Nanoha merchandise!)