Hatori (Doctor Outifit) - Fruits Basket




Inspiration: Back in 2005 I had a plan to costume every zodiac character from Fruit's Basket, and I dicided to start with Hatori as he is my own chinese zodiac sign, plus it was a quick and easy costume mostly coming from my wardrobe. I was going to be doing an older trio group with a firend and my (at the time) boyfirend, but it wasn't to be.

Favorite Aspect: It was a fun costume to do, and the amount of glomps I received after people worked out who I was far too many….. (Mainly because of the Seahorse Beanie Baby I had in my pocket..)

Least Favorite Aspect: Not being very in character, I'm not good at being serious all the time .

Easiest Task: Asking my partner to borrow his lab coat.

Hardest Task: Trying to find a grey waistcoat in my size, hooray for charity shops.


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