Rinoa Heartilly (Normal Costume) - Final Fantasy VIII




Inspiration: I broght a model of her, and as I was looking at it, I decided to make it. Also I know my Nan is a brill knitter so I knew I could ask her very nicely to make it for me.

I have done this Costume twice, First one was with the skirt sewwen to the t-shirt, as I had no idea how to actally make a skirt when I first made it. The second time I made the skirt properly with darts and everything.

Favorite Aspect: The duster and arm warmers were hand knitted by my Nana and given to me as a birthday present and they are so lovely to wear.

Least Favorite Aspect: When I had the wig, it was terrible and cheap, It actaully put me off wigs for a long time and also the skirt, I was actally sewen to the t-shirt oignally, but when I went back to make it again, I made it seprately.

Easiest Task: Finding the items to make the costume, such as the t-shirt.

Hardest Task: Making the skirt, as i didn't know how to do it.


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