Hokuto Sumeragi (Dream) - X/1999




Inspiration: My friend Nia asked me very nicely... just 2 weeks before the conventaion, my first convention as well that I was planning to costume at. This was my introduction to X and Clamp... I was so young...

Favorite Aspect: The Colours, I quite like Orange, this was also my first cosplay that I worn for a convention.

Least Favorite Aspect: The Wig, which I had to borrow, I always look like a beatle when cosplaying either of the Sumeragi twins.

Easiest Task: The edgeing, I would know how much of this I would do in my costuming life.

Hardest Task: Finding Shorts to use as I wasn't sure to make them myself. Luckly Mum had the correct shorts.


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