hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon




sometimes i watch things and get silly ideas.
this is one of those times.
i'm essentially gonna be a slightly rubbish viking

fur is high quality fake afghan fur....not real :p its super soft, lined the fur waistcoat with a soft brown suedette too :3

things I have learnt doing this costume.
1 - if I do sleeves in a rush they are not so good
2 - I can't do fur through my sewing machine and hand sewing the waistcoat together resulted in a needle snapping in my thumb 8D


Youkai-Neko posted on 22 March, 2011 - 22:10
uwaa!! *0* this is looking great >u< The boots and jacket look so warm and fluffy hehehe <3 good luck with this! :D

BB Dubs posted on 23 March, 2011 - 23:42
Who is going to be your pet? :3

Progress Journal

26th March 2011

done done done

wig is not a great colour at all. too dark brown.here have a preview pic. this costume is mainly for fun so i'm not super worried about it all being perfect or anything
blacked out my face as i was pulling such a derp expression. but i really don't look boyish enough for hiccup anyways XD