Dark Link (Twilight Princess ver.) - Legend of Zelda


Gods, where to start with this? It was plotted during a triumphant train journey home from my first ever MCM Expo with my friends. My first group cosplay - I would be Dark Link in a group with Link and the three goddesses Nayru, Farore and Din.

The hardest and most expencive part was the shield. Enamel paint, mdf, foam, cardboard, leather straps - all kinds of things went into making it. It adorns my wall in pride of place now - hylian shield makes for the best geeky wall decoration ever. I made most of this costume from scratch aside from the leather trousers which were a lucky find at Leedsfest.

The costume is almost unbearably hot to wear in all but the depths of winter, so any improvements I make will focus on making it more comfortable for me to wear. I also want to make a better sword.

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