San (Full-mask) - Princess Mononoke


Thought Bubble 2008

Cosplay competition at Thought Bubble


The first cosplay I ever made! Going on four years ago now, and it's still a favourite of mine... I'm going to update it someday since my skills have improved somewhat since I made this.

I made this... mainly for the hell of it I think. That, and of course, I adore Princess Mononoke. The hardest part was probably the fur cape... I modelled the shape after a sheepskin rug and backed it with plain cream fabric to stop it fraying. The fauxfur was pretty horrible to sew, particularly as I was a bit of a sewing machine n00b at the time. XD

I made the mask from no-bake clay and painted it. I moulded it on the back of a plate to get the slightly domed shape, and then had a helluva time getting it off the plate afterwards... Possible future improvements to the costume involve casting this mask in resin to make it lighter - clay is just wayyy to heavy. I stitched it to the fur cape with strong string. I followed the same process for the ears and the bead-and-fang string that holds the cape on.

I bought the dress, being, like i said, a bit of a n00b at sewing, I didn't want to sew a dress. I did, however, make the shirt worn over the dress. I cut it by eye (the start of a long and foolish habit of mine - thinking 'OH I DON'T NEED A COMMERCIAL PATTERN I CAN JUST DRAW ONE UP MYSELF HAHAHA') and stitched it awkwardly. The boots were bought - they're fairly typical slouchy suede things. Just the thing for long con days on my feet - so comfortable!

I never made a dagger or spear to go with this costume. These are on the list for when I update! I would probably cast them out of resin and then spray paint or something.

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